post labor day week

It’s been a while since I posted anything here.

One thing is my laptop at home broke, it looks to me that the end of its life has come :-( No fun at all. I am still deciding whether to save and get a new one or to save and have it fixed…

I think I was a little spoiled at the 3 day long weekend, it was just so hard to come back to work yesterday, and even today. Zach’s having a fever and bronchitis after the labor day holiday:-( My poor Mr. Big Bird, so good thing that he’s able to stay home for a couple more days.  

The Cincinnati labor day fireworks was just phenomenon, we found this perfect little spot behind a church in Price Hill and avoided the crowd at the river front. I have always loved fireworks, and this is actually the first time I ever watched fireworks with the love of my life. One of the songs they played along with the fireworks was the Willy Wonka song, Zach, being the most wonderful smart-ass, recognized it immediately and started to sing along by my ear. (He would never sing normally but this is after a few labor day beers) It was just so sweet, my little heart melted right away. Although his voice is more for the “They will find the streets are guarded By United States Marines. ” kind of songs, but that “Come with me
And you’ll be in a world of pure imaginationsure” was the most romantic song I have ever heard.

Oh my BB, How is it that I go to sleep and wake up with you everyday and I still feel like I miss you so much.

The rest of the week is looking good, good thing that it’s wednesday already, looking forward to the fall.

Yesterday I noticed that the leaves turned yellow on the trees outside the office, isn’t it amazing how things like that happen overnight.

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