Updates at the house on Marburg

this morning I only have a few minutes to do a quick update.

We welcomed our new kitty Lucy into our house on Monday. Zach’s co-worker has this cute little kitty that he doesn’t want to keep at his house. (he has 4 very young kids and they are rough with this tiny teeny kitty) 

Zach texted me on that day, he said “I have a suprise for you and you never will be able to guess what it is. ” Indeed, I had a few guesses in my mind (Let me tell you, I was hoping for something totally different), and none of those guesses include the cutest cat in the world.

We decided to name her Lucy because her cute face kind of looks like Lucy Lu…And of course it has nothing to do at all with me being Asian.

Patrick is a little unsure about this situation with this new little sister, he was not friendly at all on the first day, they both weren’t. But they are getting better. Yesterday i saw them eating within 30 inches with each other (In separate bowls of course) and Patrick seemed to have figured out that she’s not going anywhere no matter what he does.

I will upload pictures soon, maybe later tonight.

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2 Responses to Updates at the house on Marburg

  1. Brandi says:

    A little kitten? There are few things more exciting (okay, I can think of a few), but a kitten is so dear. I somehow ended up with three, though they’re all cats now. My boyfriend jokes that I want to give every homeless cat a home, and I do…but I’m working on control.

    Can’t wait to see those photos.

    • I am the same way, I just want to bring the kitties all in and snuggle with them, my laptop at home’s been on strike..Hopefully I can get it fixed so I can upload some pictures..Thanks for stoping by

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