Thank God it’s Friday

I overslept this morning. The funny thing is, I was awake at 4, thinking that I was going to over sleep, then i got up an hour and a half later to look for my cellphone, wanting to make sure that the alarm is set. (I felt like I could never figure out the alarm clock, long story short, I don’t own one now) I was only able to find Zach’s and saw the time was 5.30. I crawled back to bed, thinking “only 15 minutes left to sleep, then my phone’s going to wake us up”….Then the next time I woke up, it was 6.36 already.


Turned out that I forgot my phone in the car.

Good thing here is, both Zach and I are able to get ready quick (Thanks to the great United States Marine Corp and my mom) so we were sitting in the car, ready to start our days 15 minutes later.

This week has been pretty stressful, Thank God it’s Friday.

No plan for the weekend yet. But isn’t no plan a good plan?

A few things I want to do though:

The honey grilled cheese.

I read about the Honey grilled cheese at Lady Lee in Process, bascially you put honey on both pieces of the bread, on the side that touches the cheese. It sounds like a great idea, gotta try it this weekend. (It’s really such an simple thing, I wonder why I feel like I have to do it over the weekend? Am I a bit over whelmed by myself right now?)

Clean up the chairs

Zach found two really great solid wood chairs yesterday and they are exactly my favorite kind, they look  to be hand made and were taken good care of. So I only need to clean them up in the backyard and bring’em in.

The Rosette I read about at Housewife Bliss

I like to make cute little things, I used to spend a lot of time doing it. But it seems that I lost a lot of my hobbies recently. Yes life is a bit hectic at this moment but am I making it worse by “over-feeling” it?

I need to start doing things again, I want to make two cute pillow cases for the two big pillows on the bed, so instead of have four all white pillows (We have solid color pillow cases, comforter and sheets), we can have two that give the bed a little spice. 

Oh and the rosette, it looks so pretty and I know it won’t take long. Again, why do I feel like I don’t even have 10 minutes to sit down and do the things I used to spend hours doing?

Maybe I should get back to work now,  but weekend is only a few hours away and I need a change.

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4 Responses to Thank God it’s Friday

  1. We are doing a link party on 4 October for people to show off their projects made during the 101 series, I would love for you to join us. All the best, Mrs. Bliss

  2. Honey grilled cheese? Yes, please! Great blog so far my dear – I look forward to reading more! xo

    • Thanks for stopping by Shannon! I just started this blog and there’s just so much to learn!
      And I definitely love the honey grilled cheese, but some other people just don’t, “the grilled cheese is not supposed to be sweet!” :-)

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