Why I started this blog

This is the first post of Marburgresident’s blog, Hello world.

I have been wanting to start a blog, not that I assume anyone’s really interested in reading about my everyday life, I just figured it will be fun to read back later on about what’s been going on.

This morning I read about the Travelling heart shaped rock project on Ann again….and again, which is a really fun and cute project Ann is planning on doing. I was so excited about be a part of it, so I decided, this is the perfect time for me to start this blog. Here’s more about this project:

“Would you like to participate in a photo project that has a little heart-shaped rock hopping around the globe one blog at a time?  Would you like to have your blog highlighted?  Then you need to take part in the Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project! 
While on the Oregon Coast I found this little “gem” and decided I didn’t want its journey to end.  ‘Why not’ I thought ‘share this symbol with my blog pals?’  So, here we are!
How can you, you lovely blogging person, take part in the Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project you ask? Here’s what you do:
*E-mail your name & address to annharrison@comcast.net. I will add your destination to the list.  Once you receive the little heart-shaped gem…

*Take a picture of it with something that represents you; it could be an object, a place, whatever you like.
*Then… post the picture on your blog; let your readers know you are participating in The Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project.
*Let me know when you receive our little gem; I’ll send you the name & address of the next blogger to mail the rock to.

I know that some bloggers plan on sending the “gem” on it’s way along with a little trinket/souvenir for the next blogger. I love it! Do what feels right, just have fun. And, don’t forget, take pics and post ’em.

I’ll be sharing your pics on my blog as well, you will be the T.H.S.R.P. Spotlight Blogger.  At the end of its journey I’ll create a slideshow of our pics reminiscing about its travels (and wishing it had been me :-> ).

What a fun way to have your blog highlighted.  I hope you take part in the Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project!”

I stole the description of the project from Ann again…and again’s blog.

Isn’t that such a briliant idea? I am so excited!

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4 Responses to Why I started this blog

  1. Ann Harrison says:

    I am honored beyond measure that you would begin your “web-log” experience by including my “Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project”.

    Since you are on your way into the “blog-o-shere” please let me know if I can help in any way regarding; blog etiquette, creating blog buttons, social media clubs to expand your readership, etc. I don’t mean to overwhelm, it’s just that there can be a lot to learn and every day is a lesson :->

    Again, thank you so much for being a part of the Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project! You’re on the list and the little “gem” will be heading your way… eventually

    • Hey Ann, thank you for offering to help, I absolutely agree with you, there is so much to learn in blogging, especially for me. I will definitely let you know when I start to have more questions.
      Thanks for starting the gem travelling project too, I am very excited about it. It will be fun.

  2. Brandi says:

    I had no idea you were so new. Welcome to the blogosphere, Jenny. Here’s to you finding your voice and many new friends!

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